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ʻO Nicergoline no ka injection


Hoʻoponopono Kūmole:

4mg, 8mg

7ml ipu tubular me ka filp-off, 1's/pahu, 10's/pahu, 50's/pahu


Kākoʻo OEM/ODM:ʻAe

MOQ:Kōnae 10000

Delivery Time:30 ~ 55 Nā lā

Kūʻai Term:FOB, CIF

Palena Palena:T / T, L / C

Loaʻa maʻamau:CP,BP

palapala:GMP, CPP, FSC, CTD



Nicergoline for injection, indications are

1. Improvement of hypochondriacal and affective disorders (dullness of sensation, inattention, memory loss, lack of intention, depression, restlessness, etc.) caused by the sequelae of cerebral infarction.

2. Acute and chronic peripheral circulation disorders (vaso-occlusive diseases of the limbs, Raynaud's syndrome, other symptoms of poor peripheral circulation).


Nā hana'ino

No serious adverse reactions have been reported. Hypotension, dizziness, stomach pain, hot flushes, facial flushing, drowsiness and insomnia may be observed. Elevated uric acid concentrations in the blood may be observed in clinical trials, but this phenomenon does not correlate with the amount and duration of administration.


E mālama i kahi maloʻo, maloʻo a pouli.
E mālama i nā lāʻau a pau mai nā keiki.