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Dawa ya Bawasiri

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Madawa ya kulevya For Hemorrhoids

Uainishaji wamadawa ya kulevya dosage forms for treatment of hemorrhoids

1. Cream

2. Suppository

3. Patches

4. Hemorrhoidal Aerosol



Comparison of severalMadawa ya kulevya For Hemorrhoids

Cream: can not evenly act on the affected area, easy to pollute the clothing, the paste will be in direct contact with the air is also easy to cause secondary pollution, inconvenient to carry.

Suppository: suppository is easy to cause discomfort when used, easy to pollute clothing, and inconvenient to carry and use.

Patch: The effect of the patch is not obvious, can not directly act on the affected area, the effect is not significant.

Hemorrhoidal Aerosol:Direct action on the affected area, spray dosage form uniform action, easy to use. Sealed packaging, clean, easy to carry.


Hemorrhoidal Puta

1. Promoting blood circulation and detumescence, detoxifying and relieving pain.

2. It is used for inflammatory external hemorrhoids caused by damp-heat, swollen and painful anus, perianal pruritus and ulcerative anal fissure.

3. Treat symptoms and root causes, easy to use and carry pollution-free, without any toxic side effects.

4. Pure Chinese medicine preparation. It's safe for pregnant women.

5. The raw materials are made of high-quality natural medicinal materials, refined, extracted and processed by scientific formula.

6. It can directly reach the diseased part, with fast curative effect and long maintenance time.


Kama wewewanataka kuwakilisha Madawa ya kulevya For Hemorrhoids  (FEIYUEHEMORRHOIDAL EROSOLI), please contact FEIYUE Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.